Simon Smith finds a Ransomware Cyber Criminal via his social engineering Cybersecurity technique.

1 June 2017


Australian Cybersecurity expert Simon Smith (aka can now confirm that he has positively identified and caught an earlier ransomware criminal responsible for a Bitcoin virus that worked similarly to WannaCry demanding 9 bitcoins arising from XYZ country stating that there is 1 in a billion chance he is wrong.

Conclusive evidence after a forensic investigation where he was first notified of the ransomware by one of his clients where he asked to take a look. One week later Mr. Smith reports not only does he have a clear IP address of the entity behind the recipient of the collector of the Bitcoin, but he has an address, business and suspect with a person of interest known for similar reputational Internet behaviour. He has sent information to the NSA and awaiting contact.

More to come…