Simon Smith

Simon Smith


Potential 'WannaCry' Exploiters early trails may have been potentially identified by Simon Smith (Cyber Security Expert From Australia) and may be able to present a sequence to match earlier events to identify the attacker, said Simon Smith. Mr. Smith sent all evidence to NCSC and the FBI for analysis in a Live Stream of Secure Data - and commented that there were "Interesting Links Found".

Simon Smith, Cyber Security Investigator, Software and Social Engineer expert submits a live report to the FBI and NCSC as to the potential tracking of the Cyber-Hacker behind "WannaCry". Mr. Smith used proprietary counter intelligence techniques to hunt down the potential originator of said exploitation and exposed an interesting origin which may match well with the BitCoin trail.

Nothing can be shared other than the fact that there is a potential trail that can be matched to earlier events, and there are VPNs that may be traceable (not TOR). There is also an interesting find with TOR that came across unexpected. 

Without making any statement of fact (as it needs to be verified by law enforcement), there may be evidence of a European or even possibly American connection to the Ransomware.

Mr. Smith has given a live stream of evidence that is highly secure that can only be accessed by the FBI and NCSC. He hopes it will make a difference to their investigation and is back hard working on R&D. - Simon Smith - +61410643121 - Australia -

Remember, humans are the weakest link in any System. Technology comes second!

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Simon Smith

Simon Smith

🎖️21yr+ AUs #1 Cybersecurity, Criminal NICCS™ Rec Expert & Witness, Digital Forensic Investigator, C/Intel, S/Engineer.

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