[03:29:48] llid3nlq:    [38] @e_forensic <- This guy is an Infosec charlatan. Beware!
[08:34:58] e_forensic:  [45->0f] @bmoskwa I do every day bro. I try my best. Sometimes people are scammed and get nowhere. I help them. I can send a real client to you if you like.
[08:39:17] e_forensic:  [47] @ErisExMachina Is making up stories, criticizing integrity, being called narcissist, questioning my ethics, sharing their IP, making fake profiles, legit?
[08:40:19] e_forensic:  [48] @ErisExMachina You calling me a fraud, is that legit? I come from a world of evidence. I will no longer talk otherwise you will accuse me of threats.
[09:05:46] ErisExMachina:   [4d->47] @e_forensic I've seen no made up stories, just what you write. Criticism of integrity and ethics is legit and you started it. Parody profiles also legit
[09:21:08] RealAnonpanda:   [4f->47] @e_forensic @ErisExMachina you should probably read your tweets before you post them Simon. are you the one making up stories or the one being called narcissist?
[10:13:13] CosmoLexLegal:   [55] @e_forensic @v_mwago Good point about the "people"!
[10:40:05] e_forensic:  [57] @_sara_jade_ I agree. I see it in Family Law cases
[10:42:09] BryanOnel86: [59] @oguzkoroglu @e_forensic I especially love the part "At 11 years old, and commercially at 18, with now 21 years of combined industry experience".
[10:43:17] BryanOnel86: [5a->59] @oguzkoroglu @e_forensic I started my infosec career right out of the womb, and now have 31 years of combined industry experience. Beat that.
[10:45:33] e_forensic:  [5c->5a] @BryanOnel86 @oguzkoroglu That's pretty crazy stuff. I'm sure that's not true. However, I'm sure you do have a good career. I don't know you. You don't know me.
[10:50:52] BryanOnel86: [5d] "Hackers who change a string are owned." ROFL <https://t.co/ZAz1TSQzpg> [@InterN0T: Tweeting mean things and deleting those tweets immediately after are we? @blair_strang @e_forensic @AusJock https://t.co/GtbV40RSWI <pic.twitter.com/GtbV40RSWI>]
[10:51:55] e_forensic:  [5e->59] @BryanOnel86 @oguzkoroglu Thanks for proofing. "Combined" not nec, only care for commercial. Started at 18 in my first job. Teaching at UNI A/H at 21 Adv/Prog. U?