6/8/2017 - Originally reported 20 June 2017! Report of Terrorism!

Dear AFP,

Sorry about the long message, I need help.

Help. I don't know where to turn. I was on the right track with CERT in Australia, who only required state Uniform to get them a job number, and they wouldn't do that. Instead they have done nothing for 2 moths.

I am the victim of exposing a criminal syndicate of hackers in Australia, NZ and UK predominantly. I am a cyber forensic expert investigator. I received 600 death threats sent through my contact us page, and captured the original IP. No VPN, TOR, or Proxy. I have being attacked and stalked by over 1000 people to the extent that I am literally not eating or sleeping because the police are not giving the Federal government what they need. I even traced the original IP address of the script writer. I made my server block VPN/TOR/Proxies so they had to use real IP's and just in Javascript I had an IP variable and they thought if they changed that with a {RANDOM}.{RANDOM}.{RANDOM}.{RANDOM} number they would get away with it but I record the whole session!!!!!!! Including real live IP of over 117 unique IP addresses.

I have singlehandedly done over 200 takedowns of defamatory videos and defacing pictures with Penis's on my head, false article, personal attacks on my character, my look, had my head merged with Trump, been called a Charlatan, I am an industry expert of 21 years, I have over 2000 pieces of evidence and due to the stupid Victorian police they have put me through hell. I have the Tax Office Robot Scam phone calling me! It is the same criminal syndicate that is also the Microsoft scam robot voice. They also DDOS'd me with 9000 IP addresses at once and I wrote realtime software to block instantly. They have defaced Twitter completely, I had to abandon with over 9 fake accounts, they have about 3 on LinkedIn, massive Cyberbullying, they are trying to take me down because they are jealous of my success and want hackers to be treated and paid as 21 yr experienced cyber experts. Bryan Onel in the Netherlands needs criminal arrest immediately. He has been living my life and calling me day and night for months. He is killing me. Look at the harassment and stalking on twitter. Just look at what they say about @e_forensic, then look at the website the Registrar refuses to take down which breaches my trademark and Copyright and human rights. They are all so horrible but the death threat script writer lives in my suburb. I need help!!!!!!!!! I'm begging for external help. I've complained to the police, and they don't see I'm in danger unless I'm physically. This is killing me. I have collapsed about 4 times and my Mum has had a heart attack seeing me go through this. It is an offence in Australia. I do this for a living and help people find their stalkers and cybercriminals because the police don't do their job. I've found them! I just need them to follow protocol and ring the ISP and get the person and make an arrest and then sample the other 117 unique IP's and see if it is a DDOS or real. I suspect real because some were only 1 or 2 instances. However Bryan Onel is a TERRORIST. HE IS FAKING PHONE CALLS, IMPERSONATING ME, CALLING ME DURING THE NIGHT, MAKING COMMONWEALTH OFFENCES BY PRETENDING TO BE OTHER PEOPLE, I HAVE SO MUCH EVIDENCE, HE THINKS HE IS OUTSIDE THE LAW BECAUSE HE IS IN THE NETHERLANDS, HE OPENED THIS DODGY WEBSITE DEFAMING MY WHOLE LIFE. HE HAS LOOKED UP MY WHOLE LIFE AND IS CALLING ME A CHARLATAN. THEY HAVE LIED ABOUT MY APPS TO TAKE ME DOWN AND SHUT ME UP. 

I am not joking, I am good at what I do, I have caught 80M worth of cyberscammers and over 250 cyberstalkers, had the UK online police enquire into getting me to teach them my methods, and even a US special forces officer. I've been on all TV channels and the radio and whenever I go on one they immediately call the station and say 'Why do you have that fake on there'. They have no experience or Qualifications and they have literally stuck my head as a Penis, merged me with Trump, written the most disgusting things about me, just help! Twitter is horrible, they won't remove the disgusting cyberbullying material. I want them to be forced. Linkedin wont remove a fake article calling me a Charlatan that is factually wrong. I cant believe I've helped everyone AND THE POLICE so much and I am left here rotting not able to help real cases of sex trafficing that is occuring through social media grooming and big cases as one of Australia's best most experienced Cyberstalking experts. It's not my fault! I am in danger, I am in serious danger, I am being bullied and stalked, and my reputation is being destroyed, my family is falling apart, Commonwealth telecommunications crimes, death threats,  state crimes, and noone is helping. Please help!!!!!!! +61410643121. Even if you just emailed [email protected] and asked them to intervene. They are the Federal Government. A officer just won't give them a job number. I am scared for my life. Nobody is taking action. CERT couldn't believe they would not give a number. The court couldn't believe I had that many stalkers. I have uncovered so many crimes. Watch the videos on my LinkedIn. HELP PLEASE HELP. I have made a complaint to the police conduct unit and they haven't even responded. The officer who was supposed to be in charge but disappeared email address is Constable Andrew Hopton [email protected] the Complaints commission is [email protected] I need action now, I keep getting threats daily. I can't handle it. I can't work. Whatever they want is working. It's not fair. I donated my talent to help with the Wannacry and Netya ransomware exploits and spent hours and talked on Sky news, and have given so much to this industry and nobody is doing anything for me. Please help. I have no help. My Mum is now in hospital, and I am unable to move outside the house I'm in so much fear. My whole life is my online business which they have killed my trademark and reputation. I have had to block the world except Australia. It's so sad. I suffer from extreme depression and it is getting worse. If you just look at Twitter e_forensic or #devestigator or @BryanOnel86 then you will see just a sample. The numbers they call from a the fake Australian international Tax Office Scam robot ones (Bryan). Actually naming me personally. This is a massive criminal network who pass off as "vulerability testers" who are actually extortionist criminal unethical hackers who want to purport to be cybersecurity experts. I can't explain the mass attack any other way. They have had hundreds of videos removed off Vimeo, YouTube, and other sites, but nothing works, they now have everything archived on and loaded on and are ruining my life and I need an instant arrest on Bryan Onel via Interpol immediately, I can prove at least 20 Commonwealth offences. So PLEASE HELP. THIS IS SERIOUS. IT IS ALMOST MAKING ME FEEL SUICIDAL IT IS THE WORST CYBERSTALKER CRIMINAL I'VE EVER ENDURED IN MY LIFE. HE EVEN MADE A SEAL OF APPROVAL DRESSED AS AN ANGEL OF HIM AS A DEVESTIGATOR SEAL. HE TOOK A SIMPSONS CHARACTER I MADE OF MYSELF AND PUT A HITLER LOOK TO IT TO HURT ME BECAUSE IM JEWISH. HE HAS RESEARCHED MY WHOLE LIFE AND HE IS PITYING ME BECAUSE I HAD WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY WHEN I WAS YOUNGER. IT IS TAUNTING AND ADDS UP TO ABOUT 3 LIFE SENTENCES, THE IMPERSONATION, MISUSE OF A TELEPHONE DEVICE UNDER THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS INTERCEPTIONS ACT X 25 AND ITS EVERY DAY AND THE POLICE ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN. FOR GOD SAKE I PRAY AND NEVER PRAYED BEFORE. I'M REACHING OUT WITH MY LAST FINGER. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Simon Smith
7 Kenneth Road
Bayswater VIC 3153