from: [email protected] (aka Simon Smith from eVestigator aka 1IQ Pty Ltd)
to: <removed>

Subject: Faggot. You have gone too far. Fuck with me cunt and your try hard digital life is over. I deal with fuckers like you and crush them
Firstly you foreign chonga <removed> fuck man with no experience at all and someone who thinks he actually knows something about the topic, the version was live and the audio quality and graphics were jumpy so it was recompiled and published.

Secondly, retard if you actually had a brain you would know that I am a forensic investigator who has caught over $78m worth of Cyberscammers and now almost 200 cyberstalkers and almost equally cybercriminals. I've been programming since you've been taking milk from your Mum's breast, so that's 28 years and have more skill in my small toe than you have I'm your whole body (including that tiny dick on your head).

Secondly uneducated kiddie, let's teach you something.

What you call a tracking script is not a script. Where do you see a script? From the dick in your head? Do you know anything about server side request headers? In my possession I have full headers including HTTP_REFERER, the user agent string, the validated server side session cookies as it was forced as mandatory or not counted robot dick.

Thirdly dumb shit if you knew anything about TCP/IP I do know for a fact the exact date and time and IP which is unique to any provider whether it be a VPN (as they log this as a minimum for their terms of service) and the IP address that I got for each point was confirmed at the exact time against the TOR exit nodes so they are either way identifiable as an endpoint and are known ISPs/VPNs. So technically you mentally deranged unqualified retard, all one has to do is summon any one of those providers and establish a paid client as they swapped between VPN within seconds made known to me through a non spoofed user agent and ASP session cookie trails that is available to the authorities.

Fourth, the location is not meant to be accurate. Of course it is just a GEOIP. It is irrelevant. The IP, date, and time is needed to identify the exact entity you stupid idiot. That's a given. It's done to give something viewable. What did you do red man? What is your contribution? Easy to criticise when you do nothing.

Now to your wireless argument which makes you look even more stupid. First of all they aren't attackers and this was no script so you look like the biggest fool right now. Secondly all IP addresses have got an ASN. Go look out up you dumb retard. Also have you heard of IP blocks and when I said CONFIRMED VPNs to any normal person that is designated as well by the forensics of the endpoint as to the CPE which is confirmed as fixed. If they were mobile or linked to a CPE there is a good 60 or so comparison points.

So tell me, what is your experience? I will tell you. Within the next week you will learn a few things. You will learn to shut your red face and mind your own business otherwise it gets shut for you, you will learn a lot about cyber safety and keeping your information secure and you will learn who not to fuck with. If any words come out of that faggot mask you learn ten times harder.

Got it big man?

<removed> Address of the Victim

<removed> Telephone of the Victim

Australia Telephone:
<removed> Telephone of the Victim

Fuck off and do business in your own country and get the fuck away.

Nice VOIP fake number that rings out purporting to be Sydney. Mostly Australian clients hey? Only 9.5 years experience.  Little fucker alien pentester wants to go a 27 year expert reverse software engineer voted #1 in Australia.
The last try hard 'pentester' that messed with me misplaced his online identity really fast. Mustn't have been very good hey? Bring it on cunt.

By the way...consider your Australian business demolished unless I get a full written apology within 24 hours.

Your business your server your everything destroyed cunt. Try me amateur. You hopeless amateur. Within 24 hours I will have a random sorry or you will see big man who you're fucking with. 1 word and if your IP of which I've captured goes anywhere near me your customers and Australian little hub will have a pleasant surprise.

Learn your lesson junior. Don't fuck with a expert reverse software engineer forensic expert you kiddle because I fucken chew up hackers and spit them out.

Say it and don't you dare post anything chonga. I'm watching everything now.

You're on the radar cunt