[20:16:44] <garbr0> [b4->f3] @InterN0T @blair_strang @e_forensic @AusJock In Australia it is the role of the police to recommend charges to DPP based on evidence. You can't "press charges" as a member of the public
[21:19:18] <e_forensic> [bb->b4] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Dear Sir. Where did I say "press charges". I thought I said "recommend". I am well aware of the criminal justice system. Are you?
[21:31:28] <garbr0> [bc->bb] @e_forensic @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock "I am also having you charged under the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic), pushing all the way to conviction."
[21:31:28] <garbr0>
[21:31:28] <garbr0> https://t.co/754o5KLNOh <ghostbin.com/paste/2nhwz>
[21:31:28] <garbr0>
[21:31:28] <garbr0> Not your call
[21:52:51] <CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI> [be->af] @e_forensic @InterN0T @TheRegister You seem to be losing this battle quickly. Why not just admit you were wrong?
[22:03:56] <CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI> [bf] @e_forensic I'm waiting to be added to the hurt feelings list as well.
[22:06:01] <e_forensic> [c0->bc] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Learn the law. A charge is alleged at the discretion of the informant. Prosecution is decided by (DPP or CDPP). "have you" refers to intent.
[22:07:08] <CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI> [c1->c0] @e_forensic @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock So what's stopping me from charging you with a crime right now?
[22:17:21] <garbr0> [c6->c0] @e_forensic @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock So you KNEW that you can't have someone charged, pushing all the way to conviction, but wrote that anyway.
[22:17:21] <garbr0>
[22:17:21] <garbr0> wow
[22:19:10] <joepie91> [c7->c0] @e_forensic @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock There's no such thing as "alleging a charge".
[22:21:21] <CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI> [c8->c7] @joepie91 @e_forensic @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock police can decide with prosecution to pursue charges even if an individual refuses to give evidence so his statement is way off.
[22:21:37] <CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI> [c9->c8] @joepie91 @e_forensic @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock the individual at the center of evidence has nothing to do with the process
[22:35:20] <e_forensic> [cb->c6] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Actually I'll entertain this? When was it posted? Please?
[22:45:59] <DavidJarvisACT> [cd->b4] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @e_forensic @AusJock 😎
[00:26:02] <e_forensic> [d5->c6] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Again you are wrong. In Australia the police do not need the DPP to charge. The police need the DPP to prosecute. You are completely wrong.
[00:50:02] <e_forensic> [d8->c8] @CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI @joepie91 @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock I'm sorry. The law can be exercised by anyone and prosecuted by anyone in tort. Do you want to get involved in this?
[00:51:59] <e_forensic> [d9->be] @CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI @InterN0T @TheRegister Kate Libby, I am not losing this battle. I know what I am talking about. If you wish to jump in and harass then you can join them.
[00:53:43] <e_forensic> [da->c1] @CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Because it is not harassment by informing another person of rights. This is proven in case law. How many cases have you attended?
[00:55:46] <e_forensic> [db->c8] @CHFI_CCIE_CCEFI @joepie91 @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Correct. I never said they couldn't. My answer is anybody can prosecute on a crime. The police charge at discretion. PP choose to prosecute.
[00:58:48] <e_forensic> [dc->c6] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock No you were wrong, and I would quit very quickly Sir. I have nothing against any of you, you created all of this. I am defending stalking.
[01:02:36] <e_forensic> [df->c7] @joepie91 Who said that Sir?
[01:16:36] <joepie91> [e0->df] @e_forensic You said that there is. There isn't. An allegation and a charge are two very different things.
[02:04:52] <garbr0> [e3->d5] @e_forensic @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock So you're employed by the police then?
[02:04:52] <garbr0>
[02:04:52] <garbr0> #sonotacop
[02:20:01] <garbr0> [e6->e3] @e_forensic @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock I'm just confused how you can file criminal charges against someone without being a police officer?
[02:22:30] <e_forensic> [e7->e6] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock A lawyer can. Get some legal advice
[02:23:26] <e_forensic> [e8->e3] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock George Stewart, get legal advice. I did nothing to you! 9 times you stalked me, posted content, continue to stalk. I warned fairly. The end.
[02:35:55] <garbr0> [ea->e8] @e_forensic @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock But if you don't want to talk to me, why are you following me?
[05:52:44] <e_forensic> [f4->e6] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Never said that. Any IVO client experience? When you breach? Who bears the onus of proof? Always seen Convictions. All went too far bullying
[05:53:27] <e_forensic> [f5->c6] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Read my reply.
[05:53:44] <e_forensic> [f6->c6] @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock Then never speak to me again.
09:04:58] <infosec_n00b> [0d->f6] @e_forensic @garbr0 @InterN0T @blair_strang @AusJock I'm sorry but didn't you instigate the conversation with her, and are now backing out after she repeated what you said?
[09:15:27] <infosec_n00b> [0f] Humble and proud that such an industry great is following me @e_forensic. Combined we have over 230+ years industry exp. with 900 certs. https://t.co/4H0Q8qnveU <pic.twitter.com/4H0Q8qnveU>
[09:29:29] <e_forensic> [11] RT @TheCyberSecHub: 11 tips to prevent phishing https://t.co/zevFAXoe4F <csoonline.com/article/213261…> #security #ITsecurity #cybersecurity #infosec #riskmanagement
[10:25:46] <sub_space> [13] RT the troll account @e_forensic is following you
[10:25:46] <sub_space> and u think the joke has gone too far
[10:25:46] <sub_space> and adults bullying is lame
[10:25:46] <sub_space> and gay
[10:25:46] <sub_space> and stupid & sad
[11:00:52] <e_forensic> [17->13] @sub_space Hi this is the real Simon. I got rid of that troll account and have been stalked and threatened but I came back and reported the accounts
[11:01:45] <e_forensic> [18->13] @sub_space e-vestigate  I fought hard to get rid of
[11:02:07] <sub_space> [19->17] @e_forensic need unique response to unique challenge to confirm.
[11:02:07] <sub_space>
[11:02:07] <sub_space> take pic doing hand gestures. a peace sign and live long and prosper w/tongue out.
[11:03:53] <e_forensic> [1a->13] @sub_space I'm so still getting harassed on here for absolutely doing nothing and I've taken screenshots and they won't be able to do it for long
[11:05:25] <e_forensic> [1b->13] @sub_space If you want proof just ask the Twitter people what ive been through. The people on here are still here with their multiple accounts bullying
[11:06:17] <sub_space> [1d->1a] @e_forensic how does that relate to my prompt? it doesn't and is non-sequitur.
[11:06:17] <sub_space> my black heart feels for you.
[11:06:19] <e_forensic> [1e->13] @sub_space There is another I've reported and still ePeenSimonSmith
[11:06:46] <sub_space> [1f->1b] @e_forensic how about u take 0sec pic for proof?
[11:06:46] <sub_space> it's easy and harmless.
[11:07:45] <e_forensic> [21->1f] @sub_space Face pic?
[11:08:33] <sub_space> [22->21] @e_forensic doing something unique/requested. like tongue out and peace sign. or make an evil expression like a monster or something.
[11:11:20] <e_forensic> [24->22] @sub_space @SeditionVegas is my proof. But the photo must be sent to you by MMS for authenticity both ways, deal?
[11:15:54] <sub_space> [25->24] @e_forensic @SeditionVegas +1.774.666.1311
[11:22:10] <SeditionVegas> [26->25] @sub_space @e_forensic I can verify that Simon is a real person but he has lately had accounts made pretending to be him.
[11:24:20] <e_forensic> [27->26] @SeditionVegas @sub_space Thanks and to prove that I am a man of integrity and a man of my word if you promise not to post it, I have take face peace sign photo
[11:26:55] <e_forensic> [28->26] @SeditionVegas @sub_space As long as you guys respect me and whatever you say or do with the others is for you. I won't speak to them, I have to protect my reputation
[11:30:14] <sub_space> [2b->27] @e_forensic @SeditionVegas i won't post. send it.
[11:30:19] <SeditionVegas> [2c->28] @e_forensic @sub_space I can verify that Simon just messaged me a photo that is him.
[11:31:18] <e_forensic> [2d->26] @SeditionVegas @sub_space Sedition has the photo to prove. Then there is a lot of cleanup to do!
[11:31:49] <sub_space> [2e->2c] @SeditionVegas @e_forensic There is no merit to your claims. No trust in you as you can not be verified and your account is created last month.
[11:32:27] <sub_space> [2f->2d] @e_forensic @SeditionVegas Where is the mms to the # you elicited? I don't need picture escrow,
[11:34:19] <e_forensic> [30->2e] @sub_space @SeditionVegas No I cracked it and left from the stalking. As I said I just took a pic and sent it to sedition for you. I'm in Australia. Can't MMS US.
[11:36:25] <e_forensic> [31->2e] @sub_space @SeditionVegas I just want it to be private because every single thing I post the stalkers copy and put online. So it is with great trust and I did it.
[11:36:29] <sub_space> [32->30] @e_forensic @SeditionVegas DM me the image
[12:10:23] <e_forensic> [38] “Alleged Twitter Stalking, Harassment, Bullying and Hacking Syndicate identified by Simon Smith…” @e_forensic https://t.co/MP8RWJNcJK <medium.com/@e_forensic/al…>
[12:10:23] <e_forensic> [38] “Alleged Twitter Stalking, Harassment, Bullying and Hacking Syndicate identified by Simon Smith…” @e_forensic https://t.co/MP8RWJNcJK <medium.com/@e_forensic/al…>
[12:20:14] <e_forensic> [3b] Cyber Bullying Statistics   https://t.co/Zj1ImwxtyK <bullyingstatistics.org/content/cyber-…>
[12:20:44] <e_forensic> [3c] Cyberbullying continues to drag Twitter down https://t.co/fxAcqQuioy <cio.com/article/310716…> via @CIOonline
[12:46:15] <ErisExMachina> [42->38] @e_forensic Simon, it's not stalking or harassment if *you're* the one running around making legal threats to silence legitimate criticism.
[12:49:58] <ErisExMachina> [43->42] @e_forensic You cannot yell bold and implausible claims at world leaders on Twitter *and* complain when people rightly point out that you're a fraud.
[13:00:50] <e_forensic> [47->42] @ErisExMachina No I'm not. Go and do a Cybercrime masters. I'm not going to educate you. I didn't make the threats. I asked for it to stop.
[13:02:42] <ErisExMachina> [49->47] @e_forensic No, you made legal threats to silence criticism.
[13:02:51] <e_forensic> [4a->42] @ErisExMachina You just exposed your lie. Criticism about what, legal threats? That's the old excuse. When it got out of hand and they impersonated,
[13:03:13] <e_forensic> [4b->42] @ErisExMachina harassed, insulted & defaced me and put 50 videos up over and over, so you're wrong.  The you can tell someone they are in breach.
[13:03:55] <e_forensic> [4c->42] @ErisExMachina They were in breach far before this don't talk about what you don't know about. Keep using that excuse. It doesn't work.
[13:04:17] <e_forensic> [4d->42] @ErisExMachina They have already got their journey, you've done nothing except broken a deal. Leave me alone and I'll never speak to you again.
[13:05:29] <e_forensic> [4f->42] @ErisExMachina If not expect me to treat you the same way I would any other cybercriminal. Straight through to the police with an expert report
[13:05:56] <ErisExMachina> [50->49] @e_forensic Which is exactly what you're doing today, make threats, try to scare your critics into silence. You're the would-be bully, Simon.
[13:07:05] <ErisExMachina> [51->50] @e_forensic We've seen your type time and time again in the infosec scene. If you knew infosec history you would know bullying hackers doesn't work.
[13:07:50] <Oz4Code> [52] @e_forensic Agreed Simon. Social Engineering Attacks: Common Techniques & How to Prevent an Attack. https://t.co/O3WeRK4plF <bit.ly/1W7oiaJ> #tech #news #rt #Cyber #data
[13:08:19] <e_forensic> [53->42] @ErisExMachina identifying you and off to Interpol. I did what you asked. @SeditionVegas verified it, now stop being a bully and lay off. I get paid well
[13:08:40] <e_forensic> [54->42] @ErisExMachina so I'm blocking you because you are not worth wasting it on even after giving you the benefit of the doubt. Gutless bullies.
[13:10:11] <e_forensic> [55->42] @ErisExMachina I just want to be on here and help others and be left alone. If anyone wants to breach my peace then of course it's just business from now.
[13:10:57] <ErisExMachina> [56->54] @e_forensic You mean because you have no counter-point and your playing the victim of cyberbullying is a cyclical abuse of what real victims suffer.
[13:11:42] <ErisExMachina> [57->54] @e_forensic You mean because you have no counter-point and your playing the victim of cyberbullying is a cynical abuse of what real victims suffer.
[13:26:00] <e_forensic> [5e->52] @Oz4Code Yes many people put too much emphasis on "what should we buy?" However a CEO came to me today wanting to properly mitigate
[13:28:48] <e_forensic> [5f->52] @Oz4Code (staff & system process risk monitoring). Happy with the enthusiasm. Rare in real world. People pay in crisis, back to old ways usually.
[13:34:45] <Oz4Code> [60->5e] @e_forensic Yes. Just like the Wolf videos from @HP. They show a personal responsibility we all must have working with tech. https://t.co/nJwi2Fily4 <hp.care/2o2vIRd> #rt
[13:39:54] <e_forensic> [62->60] @Oz4Code @HP Yes from the top. No delegating too far on this. Recently did a job and CEO did not know his staff disliked him. Close minded.  I knew in 3m
[13:48:41] <Oz4Code> [63->62] @e_forensic @HP Agreed. Here's a great article about 5 CEOs on how they lead growing tech teams https://t.co/QMoHDvxLHq <bit.ly/2tGDdxL> understanding everyone is different.
[13:56:52] <e_forensic> [66] @IoTRecruiting @v_mwago That motto is exactly what I did. Very wise.