I am a Cybersecurity expert. I constantly saw XSS attack attempts and am being extremely stalked by this Amsterdam horrifying cyberterrorist, cyberstalker, cyberbully who is constantly harrassing and defaming me, and building fake domains and fake sites and fake information about me, ruining my career, to the extent of extreme criminality. On Twitter all you need to do is type @e_forensic or #devestigator and Bryan Onel from is responsible for putting my life through hell. You will see. But it has also turned into hacking. I am a successful AU Cybersecurity expert. He has NO experience and is lying and stalking, and hurting, misleading, criminally intercepting the telecommunications network by sending fake robotic calls during the night over a fake Australian looking VOIP number and fake mobiles, these are jailable offences in Australia and I'm sure in your country.  It is ongoing and it has to stop. He opened up Not only is he breaching my life, copyright, trademark but my living every minute of my life and taunting me every day with fake emails as well. I wish the police to ask me for evidence, which is crystal clear (the stalking) - but the telephone offences I can send evidence of recordings, he needs to stop, he is stopping me from working, living, eating, I can't handle it anymore, he is a cyberterrorist. He had no problems advertising his XSS hack on Twitter and posting all his crimes. The exact post is a picture that is an alert box says, 'You have got to be kidding' on sendemail.asp. I obviously know that any characters have to be encoded, however I wanted to block VPN's and trap this one. I have the photo, the IP and all data, but regardless, he admitted it on Twitter! It's illegal! He has stopped my business earning income having to deal with the constant additional monitoring and dealing with death threats which I'm happy to send you, he has also been taunting me the worst I've ever seen. I have credibility in Australia and he is ruining my career, destroying me, and such a smart alec illegal way. It is causing mental harm, he is so criminal and is a terrorist. I help people and mentor people but this Bryan Onel is a monster. He needs to have the equivalence of what we call a restraining order put against him. He needs to shut down his false cyberbullying website. He needs to leave me and my family alone! He needs to stop hacking my server. Please tell me all the information you would like and can investigate and I will send you it all in one batch. If you can investigate the phone call terrorism stalking, and the internet stalking, and SMS stalking, and computer hacking, the impersonation, the personal harm and victimisation, the cyberterrorism, the telecommunication impersonation VOIP crimes, the international crimes, the hacking crimes listed on his website (it says HACK OR BE HACKED). Please look at Twitter, see the MONSTER who gave my Mum a heart attack due to my suffering and made me collapse multiple times and its been ongoing for months. He has created pictures with penises on my face, defaced all my media with more penises, he is a menace, it is so illegal - he needs immediate restraint. I need him away from me as the AU police can't do much from there and your police are excellent. I am a private investigator and expert witness. Please check out my credentials at EVERY DAY HE IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!! Please let me know what to send you. I need him stopped or I will probably end my own life as he is ending it for me. Its that serious. Please tell me all the docs you need. Robot recordings, same as the criminal extortion ones for the AU tax office, this is serious.