From: <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Date: 15 July 2017

Subject: Defamatory post at and official request for all receipts and legal address for service

Dear MaXe,

For a minute there I thought you'd learned your lesson until I read your defamatory post.
I am not even going to entertain the Qualifications rubbish. I now request from you proof
of an Android account download to verify a proper download of the 3 Android Apps. I am
preparing the case for all 3 and joining this defamatory post into it. I now officially
ask for your lawyers' address for service please?

If you do not provide I'll simply summon it from the court. I notice the article came
down from LinkedIn. Every single thing you have said and done is in the public domain.
Every lie. I have never been banned from Twitter. I have never created a fake profile.
I've known Natasha for years. You can explain all this to the Supreme Court. Bryan will
also be there. ISC2 will have a copy of all of his tweets and he will lose his CISSP.
I will be talking to your 'financial connections' next week. I have already started
communication with "The Register" and equally "hacked" their App just like you "hacked"
mine. So I am showing them the difference between a vulnerability and a "hack". What
the difference is between being inside a network and outside the network.

An MITM attack on an App in the same house or the same Proxy/VPN etc requires an Intent
and a hacker. For a little string. Is that the smartest thing you've ever done? If only
you knew what real hacking was, but I don't brag about hacking. I have asked you now 30
times to stop stalking me and you persist. Stalking is also defined as publishing false
information or any information that is intended to taunt me.

That is separate to piracy and computer crime. I have taken snapshots of the website
ready for court. By the way, my Gmail account (the original letter) was hacked. Did you
ever consider that? Would I publically speak like that? I am no racist. I have friends
all over the world. Hans can do what he likes but I would never talk like that.

I request:
a) Your lawyers address for service;
b) Your receipts for all Android Apps as they were never available as APK's legally;
c) Your purchase receipt for the IPA as this was and must be recorded as a sale and you
   must provide that to give me so I can start my testing;
d) You remove all defamatory material about me or that refers to me;
e) Once again you desist from stalking me.

I will rely on this email in court. I wish you a good night.