From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: 14 July 2017


I have just found a PIRATED version of the IPA file online.
This does not match the signature of the AppStore IPA.

This is legitimately a serious issue. This is not right.
I need to know the exact binary that you have along with
the proof of purchase. I am not fussed about the EULA, as
it is off the market - I am concerned that I have only sold
about 30 of these in a year and all this time there has been
a pirated version floating around.

Outside of anything personal from the past - this is dangerous
territory. There is no question, I must investigate this and
determine the copy you have and validate your copy. Please
cooperate with me. I must validate the purchase and the exact
date and time. It is responsible that you allow this to occur.
I am now having to find who/what stole this and manipulated it.
I have a copy of it here and it most certainly is not my binary.

I only trust the App Store which was 100% taken off the store 7
days prior to receiving your email.

Either way, I still am concerned and will investigate. Please
provide me with information.

Yours truly,
Simon Smith