From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: 14 July 2017

Subject: Looking for your sale and licence #


I am searching for your purchase. You must have refunded
it as I am seeing zero sales.

Please can you supply me with this. Also please confirm
if you tested on a real or emulated device?

This version was only developed to iOS7 and people were advised
it was going out from November 2016, and officially removed from
the Appstore on July 7th well before this report date.

I have heard that there was a pirated version floating around.
I really do want to investigate this. Please afford me this

The iOS browser does once validate that it is a non TOR connection
on registration so I should have an IP address of the sale even if
it is a VPN.

Please advise me the VPN IP address you used. Please advise the
specs on the iPhone4s exactly if it was emulated. (Physical RAM
allocation) etc.

Even though it is not in production I want an opportunity to go
through this because the product was phased out to November,
hence no more builds.

Also please advise me when you made the purchase and which apple
ID so I can verify that as well.

Yours truly,
Simon Smith